More on the BMW-onion cart scandal

Whatever you do, don’t miss Adam’s great post on this very peculiar story. He unveils twists and turns that give it a whole different spin. Amazing.

UPDATE: And yet MORE on the case. This link was emailed to me from a regional blog buddy, and it’s worth pursuing because it underscores just how not black-and-white this incident is. It is not just about bad rich people, unfair courts and exploited peasants. Those are all possible (probable?) elements to the story, but as the writer says, the story is far more nuanced than that.

The one problem with the link is that you have to scroll down fairly far to find the story. But it’s worth it — along the way you’ll see some neat stories and photos on SARS and the culling of suspect animal-carriers in different countries. Most interesting.

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More on ubermenschen

I did not write my original post as clearly as I should have. I had a feeling going to sleep last night that that was the case, so in response to Roddy’s questions and my feeling that I should better

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