Spaceballs, 2

An astute commenter just pointed me to this hilarious commentary:

China’s recent foray into space has been characterized as a grab at respectability, a desire to join Russia and the US at the grown up’s table of the global Thanksgiving.

I say this was a big waste of time. China has a lot of better, more simple and lasting things they could do to be taken seriously as a nation than to unveil 1960’s era technology like it’s a big accomplishment, and so I present

Better things China could do to impress us:

–Act like a grown up and stop trying to punk out our president when we crash something over there. China, You know he’s not a strong reader. Try to be the big country. Not cool, China. Not cool.

–Get your hospitals to actually treat people with AIDS instead of making believe that they’re just on Atkins. Pretending a problem doesn’t exist does nothing to stop it. Drew Barrymore keeps making movies, people keep getting AIDS. Open a clinic, you cowards. What are you, Montana?

–Cut the shit with the Tibetan activists. You know, if the US just whisked away citizens with a culture and religion we found challenging to a secure location, we’d nev… actually, let me get back to you on that.

There’s lots more; check it out.

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re: that last paragraph about Tibetan activists

Yeah, but the difference is that we’ll be leaving Iraq to the Iraqis eventually. Tibet’s already gone, effectively speaking, and that’s a damn shame.

Side note: a Korean Zen abbot in Germantown, Maryland groused that the Dalai Lama “should’ve stayed in Tibet.” I agree. Running away to create a Tibet II in Dharamsala doesn’t seem to have helped the miserable Tibetans who’ve been left to fend for themselves.


October 21, 2003 @ 3:53 pm | Comment

Hmmmmm interesting !!!

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