Business as usual in China

Since July, 10 Christian churches in Hangzhou have been torn down by government officials as illegal religious venues, and now they’ve arrested Liu Fenggang, an activist for China’s illegal Christian churches.

Police told Liu’s wife, Bi Yuxia, that Liu would be charged with revealing state secrets, but did not present her with the official notification of arrest needed to hire a lawyer, Fu said.

”This is outrageous and absurd,” Fu said. Liu was simply trying to help hire attorneys for the Christian activists and pass on assistance from other unofficial churches, he said.

Similar reports were also issued by New York-based Human Rights in China and other overseas rights monitoring groups.

Authorities haven’t confirmed Liu’s arrest and calls on Monday to local government offices rang unanswered. A man who picked up the phone at the Xiaoshan District Jail where Liu is reportedly being held said he ”doesn’t provide such information services.” The man declined to give his name.

It sounds as though business is going on as usual back in China as I continue my holiday in the US.

Meanwhile, another blogger is trying to stir up the old argument we’ve been through before on who and what Mao was. I won’t go there until I have some time to gather my links and quotes. Maybe later this week.

Update: I won’t bother taking on the Mao argument again (for now). Another blogger has pointed out to me that it’s just an effort to get site traffic from those who disagree. No one can defend Mao with a straight face.

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