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While browsing through Singapore-related blogs, I came upon one that instantly stood out. I wondered for a moment whether I’d come upon my lost twin brother, at least in terms of style, love of music, and a bitter-sweet perception of the earth and its inhabitants. A sample:

As I was walking by the canal, I had that familiar feeling that my life was indeed a mediocre and insignificant one. Perhaps, I would have been gravely perturbed a few years ago but it seems that over time, I could think on this with a certain detachment, that even if it caused me to be mildly upset, I could attach to it no greater importance than the other fleeting emotions that might seize upon me occasionally, as if they were the strangers that wandered past the glass window of the cafe, sometimes peculiar enough to merit a second glance, yet largely indistinguishable from the general atmosphere. It is hardly the life of a poet. We do not have the luxury to indulge in our feelings, to taste its subtleties, to discover the myraid possible causes that might have led us to such a state, yet now and then, we find ourselves unexpectedly caught up in reverie, as if while transversing through a gallery, we find ourselves attracted to an exceptional painting, a painting that I have seen several times over the years and from its initial rawness of beauty, I have applied to it an intellectual understanding, so much so that I no longer separate cause from effect: its beauty and the artistry that produces it become indivisible, a complete appraisal of the genesis of the thought. However, on some occasions, when suddenly confronted, the original senseless impact of the thought is renewed afresh, and it would become unbearable, that life seems to treat us indifferently.

Definitely not your typical Singapore blog. Check it out and dig around.

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Wow, that passage feels like he’s channeling Hesse’s during the period he wrote Steppenwolf or something!

August 25, 2003 @ 1:18 am | Comment

Actually, I think stylistically he’s better than Hesse.

August 26, 2003 @ 4:29 am | Comment

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