Bo Xilai and the Dead Laowai

There has been so much written in the past 48 hours on the unbelievable twists and turns of the Bo Xilai catastrophe that it’s been hard to keep up. At the moment I feel I have little to add to the trainwreck. But my friend Jeremiah has a lot to add and has written a masterful post that manages to wrap it all up in a way that will make you laugh out loud. It’s over at my new favorite China blog, which you should all have on your blogrolls and RSS feeds.

I’ll have a real post up soon. I am finishing my Big Project that I’ll be able to tell all of you about in the early Fall. I am also having some family issues, namely a sick relative who is requiring my near-constant attention. I hate to see no posts on the Duck for 12 days in a row, since in the old days I would put up as many as five posts a day. Please be patient, and sorry to disappoint with my silence.

Comments Best new China blog in years

The best and the brightest of China’s bloggers come together to make this the funniest, smartest China blog, maybe ever. Go there now and keep scrolling. I found this post and this post especially hilarious.

This blog emerged when I was away on a ship in the Caribbean last week or I’d have blogged about it earlier. A masterpiece.

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