Shanghaiist: Child Labor Photo Essay

Thanks to the Shanghaiist for posting about a disturbing photo essay documenting child labor in Guangdong province that was first published in the Nanfang Daily:

The person that appears in several of the photographs is Xiao Liao (Liao is his surname), and he, like many others, left their homes behind and started working in Dongguan’s factories at the age of 15.

The captions are brief, but interesting: the picture with the finger says that Liao can no longer completely bend or straighten out his finger, and that at the time, he was more concerned about not damaging the machine he was working on, rather than the injuries sustained to his finger.

Another picture shows them eating. They are only given vegetable dishes, no meat. In the last picture, we find out the Liao is going to become a father, and that because of this, he feels like he’s grown up and now has to shoulder some real responsibility.

The captions are in Chinese, but the photos are a must-see.

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