Jane Hamsher screws up

Why do liberal people who are really smart sometimes do things that defy common sense, throwing red meat to the wild-eyed right-wing hyenas? That’s exactly what Jane Hamsher did today, offering herself to Michelle Malkin on a silver platter. Stupid. Her site is on my blogroll because I’ve often enjoyed her coverage of Plamegate and other issues, but I really have to wonder what was going on in her head. Maybe you can rationalize the PhotoShop, arguing that Joe Lieberman has pandered to his black audience. However, one needn’t be a seer to realize it will ignite instant and terribly negative controversy, making the poster (Hamsher) look God-awful. Which it did. We’ve got to do better than this. We can’t keep handing the Malkins of this world the rope they need to hang us with.

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Read a satirical critique of the battle being waged amongst Democrats in the Lieberman v. Lamont Senate race coined “The Hatfield’s & McCoy’s”…here:


August 3, 2006 @ 11:43 am | Comment

What is this big fear about the Malkins of the world? If this is what terrifies you my friend, then you are in the wrong game. Get out of it! But surely you can find what Jane posted disturbing enough with absolute disregard about what Malkin and her racist friends think about the issue. Not that I do. And I am black for what it is worth. If you are going to worry about what people who advocate internment of their fellow citizens say about anything in order to guage your own pronoucement, I must say find that more disturbing that anything depicted in Ms. Hamsher post.

August 3, 2006 @ 7:57 pm | Comment

Anonymous, come again? In English this time, ok?

August 3, 2006 @ 8:22 pm | Comment

Which part of the above was confusingRichard? Please let me know. Maybe I can repeat it in baby talk.

August 4, 2006 @ 10:01 am | Comment

Nice rocket, Anon.

August 4, 2006 @ 10:32 am | Comment

Oh, so the problem isn’t what she DID in terms of morality, ethics, etc. Nope – the problem is that there might be a political price to pay?

Way to take the high road!

August 4, 2006 @ 3:56 pm | Comment

What she did was stupid. Her intent to show Lieberman as pandering to blacks is fair, her use of a tool that would inevitably turn the tables and allow Lieberman’s defenders to rather cynically throw charges of racism at her were stupid. Make that very cynically. Malkin is leading the chorus, someone whose true racism is a metter of public record. Hamsher set herself up. It was not morally wrong, it was dumb. Lieberman in recent months has gone out of his way to “be black,” but the use of blackface to get across a valid point is politically idiotic and morally questionable, if only because any use of blackface at anytime raises memories of an uglier time in America and serves no useful purpose due to its inevitable emotional baggage.

August 5, 2006 @ 2:28 pm | Comment

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