In Defense of the Shanghai Sex Blogger

Adam likes him.

Sex and Shanghai author is right on the money. Chinese, as a nation, are incredibly arrogant. That’s one of the things I tell my buddies I don’t miss about China, listening to their arrogant rants about Japanese and foreigners. This belief was confirmed when I heard about the professor who is demanding that the author of a sex blog that recounts his sexual episodes with Chinese women be deported…

Adam goes on to explain why this nasty episode (combined with the recent media spectacle of Jon Benet Ramsey’s non-killer John Mark Karr) could spell disaster for the English teaching profession in China – extremely interesting stuff.

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Evils should be damned.
The evil foreigner teacher should be punished.
The tough’s dick should be cut…

I do hate british, because They are pirates and robber. In the 19th century, they smuggled lots of opium and drug to China, India and many other countries to make them rich. Even now they are helping yankees killing iraqis for oil, SO the British are really evil.

GOD Will Damn british to hell….

August 29, 2006 @ 7:34 pm | Comment

I live in BJ and have been in China since the 90’s. Honestly, I really doubt that this is the end of white English teacher as we know it. It’s an economic decision that people in Asia have made. Schools know they need white teachers to attract students. Many parents are only willing to dish out the RMB/whatever for white teachers (that are at least the face of the school), and yes, sad as it is, there is more than one unmarried woman out there that want a little lovin’, be it real or simply phyiscal. So until the economics of the situation change – i.e. better educated (probably smarter) and cheaper native Asian teachers become the norm for teaching English, all of the Sex in an Asian City blogs out there will change not one single damn thing.

August 30, 2006 @ 5:04 am | Comment

Well, where do I start? Christianity poisons the human psyche? White Euro trash getting his kicks in SH? Racism at work? Probably all of the above and then some. Here in North America and in Europe, the British men get the bottom of the rung on the ladder of sexual prowess. Too reserved, DULL and humorless are their standard tags. Are the men in America so fabulous and all around wonderful? Love to say yes but we all know that?s not true.

This is an individual who is a sexual predator, plain and simple. He likely has no game in his native land so he plays the sailor and the village girl card in Shanghai and gets his fix. He calls white women fat and that?s a giveaway on the types of women he?s able to get in his own backyard.

The mere fact that he feels the need to express his antics in public shows that it?s the only feasible release for his own inadequacies that gets him some sense of satisfaction from his plays on these women in Shanghai (many of them are blinded by ignorance), which is still unsatisfying to him. His problems runs deeper than all that.

Regarding his criticism on Chinese men, he is only describing his own innate shadow. What the Chinese feel towards the Japanese has very deep historical roots. He is probably forgotten about what the Nazi did to England during WWII as well as what the Japanese did to the British POW?s in SEA. If he has chosen to forget or forgive them, then come back and talk to Chinese in 30 years when China is the undisputed Super Power and have attained a much higher standard of living. Then men like him will be in Africa or Latin America pulling the same stunts. England has managed to survive under the crutch of the US since WWI and II. Brits are by nature an extremely opportunistic brew and this instinct (not just behavior but it is now ingrained) has been embellished through their rise after the 18th century, WWI to WWII when their Empire was diminished to a mere wing man position for their former colony, the US. Avarice and fa硤e are first nature to them since their own house is but a few small islands with no natural resources and that naturally breed an expansion mentally, just like their former ally, Japan.

Having to return HK to China in ?97 also raises much angst with the Brits. That acidy gut feeling rang true and through when that idiot Charles said in his speech at the handover ceremony ?During the British Administration of HK??. Numb nut Prince, There was nothing administrative about it. It was atypical colonial subjugation. I will bet they sorely miss the 10 billion per annum repatriation to the Empire from HK. This guy here obviously couldn?t play his game in HK since they?re all wise to his antics after all those years of ?British Administration?, hey but in Shanghai, he still has some latitude. Chinabound is going to resort to much masturbation soon since the only one who could truly satisfy his idiocy is himself. It?s not about his ?sexual conquests?, it?s his own void in his psyche that drives him to do and say what he has.

As far as running him out of China, one more piece of garbage like him in the vastness of China is not going to make or break the population of bottom feeders. He will eventually trip himself up and meet up with his own demise. And lots of strange things happen in China with no explanation, white or otherwise.

August 30, 2006 @ 12:13 pm | Comment

This chinabounder blogger is probably having a real laugh at all the hullabaloo.

It’s probably some bored, fat housewife in Calgary, Canada with a blogger account, a lonely planet guide to shanghai, a big imagination and a lot of time on her hands…

August 31, 2006 @ 6:35 am | Comment

I would say his story are mostly true. I am a Chinese American once lived in Taiwan and China. Single white western men, regardless of his appearance, are in high demand by local Chinese women. They can get almost anyone they want, married or not.

So I do not doubt the fundamentals that he described except I am not so sure about his details. Most women in China and Taiwan would do whatever it takes to be with a white male. The Chinese men are offended but this is the reality. On the other hand, the Chinese women will always tell you they are the most conversative but I can tell you that they are the most easy target of all race.

When a white man cannot score in his own backyard, China and Taiwan would be a buffet for him. Most Chinese women are not attrative to the world standard; however, “some” westerners happens to have opposite taste, they will describe dogs as princess. When a westerner who has opposite taste get together with unattractive Chinese girls – sex will happen – I have seen it many times.

September 1, 2006 @ 10:12 pm | Comment

Hey hey. It takes two to tango you know, it’s not all evil foreign men deflowering chinese girls.

Chinese girls are more than happy enough to socialise and work in bars where expat foreigners, regardless of whether they are businessmen or teachers, choose to drink.

Pot meet kettle perhaps?

And I totally agree the Chinese are quite arrogant as a race. Hell they have reneged on the promises made during the hong kong handover (even during the handover ceremony itself!!), had a few good size fights/mini wars with vietnam over the years, and are now storing oil in reserves all over the country and are building their military for purposes of peaceful defense but without explaining the real purpose for a peace loving, communist country to become a nuclear superpower.

It’s not all foreigners or the west, I am afraid.

September 5, 2006 @ 2:17 am | Comment

Hey rexual, china should probably learn how to stand in a fucking line or maybe even drive before they take over the world you racist asshole. Everything I’ve read on this page is bullshit. FYI: A chinese will not choose any western man no matter what he looks like. You sound like a bunch of white guys complaining about black men dating white girls.

September 11, 2006 @ 1:09 pm | Comment

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