The far-right goes insane – literally

I’m quite serious. We are now witnessing the far-right’s free-fall into madness. I have proof. You simply must see this post to understand why Michelle Maglalang and Assrocket and their cronies have lost their marbles. You have to read down to where the blogger brings up the articles on Clinton, and then read on to the updates. The post is a classic; it captures the veritable insanity of the far-right in all of its ugliness, with its calls to violence and shouts of treason and its thirst for vengeance. Malkin’s site is now on a level with Julius Streicher’s Der Sturmer, and spare me any protests of Godwin’s law. This can be methodically and scientifiically proven; they find the enemy and then play on people’s most base and emotional fears, a never-ending three-minute-hate echo chamber. It used to be Jews. Now it’s liberal and the NY Times. Check out the post and see why it’s so scary that Malkin and Assrocket command such huge and loyal readerships and exercise such political muscle. They are bad news. They have declared war on sanity.

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Yeeccch. Fortunately it’s too damn hot to eat, or I’d be puking for sure.


July 2, 2006 @ 2:36 am | Comment

I followed the links to that treasonous, pro-assassination NY Slimes travel story. You could tell it was biased against the honourable wartime leadership of Oceania — excuse me, the Coalition of the Willing — by the descriptive words they used: “clawlike finger” “spotted and wrinkled” “decivilizing…” Sure, that was SUPPOSED to be about the neck of land the President’s multi-million-dollar house occupies, and the trees, and traffic jams. But WE know these are insult words meant to link in a reader’s mind with Cheney and Rumsfeld. It’s positively subliminable.

Next week: an expose of the secret code for the terrist cells contained in the New York Times crossword puzzles!

What would some of us do without you to point us in the direction of this lunacy? We’d have to sift through the garbage ourselves. And frankly, I couldn’t give my eyeballs a good enough scrubbing after that.

July 2, 2006 @ 2:48 am | Comment

Someone’s going to walk in on Assrocket and find him typing: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” over and over and over again.

July 2, 2006 @ 3:33 am | Comment

I pretty much said the same exact thing in a recent DailyKos post:

They are ALL batshit crazy

in the sense that, although they mostly only hint at it or talk about it in coded language, these people, i.e. these so-called “conservative” “Republicans” (the first of which they’re absolutely not, and the second of which they’re in name only), do not really believe in our democracy, as spelled out in the constitution, as envisioned by its framers and agreed to by its signers, and as has existed, evolved and weathered storm after storm over the past 200+ years.

They literally do not believe in it, and to the extent that they follow it, or pretend or profess to follow it, it’s only because, for now, they have no choice, as it’s the necessary temporary “evil” (as they see it) that must be endured as they slowly, deliberately and diligently work to undermine and unravel it, with the aim of ultimately destroying it, and replacing it with a political and legal system of their liking, namely an American-style version of fascism.

All discussion about these people, their motives, their strategies, their words, and their actions–and how to deal with them–must begin with an understanding and acknowledgment of this ugly reality. These people might be Americans, in a technical, legal sense, but they do no believe in what America is really about–not as the majority of Americans see and have seen it throughout its history, and as our founders saw it–and, as such, are not, in my opinion, loyal or true Americans–let alone the patriots that they always claim to be.

Sorry, I had to say it. It is the very people who continually accuse the rest of us (which includes a far broader spectrum of Americans than the liberal and progressive “left”, e.g. genuine, principled conservatives, libertarians and centrists) of being traitors, unpatriotic and un-American, who are themselves all of these things–and much, much worse. Anyone who doesn’t see this just doesn’t get it, and just hasn’t been paying attention. These people are the political version of cancer, and must be dealt with as such, or else they’ll kill our Democracy.

Which is precisely what they want and have been trying to do.

And THAT is batshit crazy.

And in a followup comment in which I took care of the Nazi/Godwin angle:

I would only amend this to add

that not ALL of these Repubs are equally if at all motivated by the common goal of destroying our Democracy. Some are motivated by other things, e.g. greed, ambition, megalomania, fear, stupidity, “cultural erosion” bullshit, etc.

After all, not all Nazis (and yes, I believe the comparison is quite apt, Godwin’s rule be damned because it simply does not apply to situations in which the evidence overwhelming validates the comparison) truly believed in the Aryan nonsense, yet were nevertheless very effective and vigorous proponents of that movement.

But to the extent that they all, for one reason or another, willfully and deliberately participate in a process expressly aimed at and aggressively working towards destroying our Democracy, and aid and abet those who are most ardently leading this effort, they are ALL, in my opinion, crazy, because they are helping madmen achieve their goals. And THAT, I firmly believe, is just as crazy. Batshit crazy.

Crazy is as crazy does–or says.

Ditto for evil and dangerous.

July 2, 2006 @ 12:46 pm | Comment

Is it 2009 yet?

July 2, 2006 @ 1:01 pm | Comment

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