Hearts and Minds

Why on earth would anyone think we were losing the war in Iraq? It’s all about hearts and minds, no? And even now, we are being greeted as liberators.

A British military helicopter crashed in Basra on Saturday, and Iraqis hurled stones at British troops and set fire to three armored vehicles that rushed to the scene. Clashes broke out between British troops and Shiite militias, police and witnesses said.

Police Capt. Mushtaq Khazim said the helicopter was apparently shot down in a residential district. He said the four-member crew was killed, but British officials would say only that there were “casualties.”

British forces backed by armored vehicles rushed to the area but were met by a hail of stones from the crowd of at least 250 people, who jumped for joy and raised their fists as a plume of thick smoke rose into the air from the crash site.

The crowd set three British armored vehicles on fire, apparently with gasoline bombs and a rocket-propelled grenade, but the soldiers inside escaped unhurt, witnesses said.

What have we gotten ourselves into? Is this part of the turning point Bush was going on about last week. (Good God, yet another turning point.)

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mogadishu, anyone?

May 8, 2006 @ 2:34 am | Comment

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