Alan Keyes’ daughter comes out; family gives her the finger

Compassionate Conservatism?

The daughter of former Republican Party senate candidate Alan Keyes publicly acknowledged Monday that she is a lesbian.

During the Republican National Convention, Alan Keyes made headlines when he condemned gays and lesbians. His daughter says she has been ostracized from the family.

“God works in really strange ways sometimes. There are times in life when he just doesn’t sort of nudge you gently in the direction he wants you to go, he sort of takes a two by four and whacks you upside the head,” said Maya Keyes, Alan Keyes’ 19-year-old daughter.

At a gay rights rally in Annapolis, Md., Maya Keyes said she is coming out as a lesbian in response to escalating tensions with her parents, including her arch-conservative father, whom she worked for in last year’s Illinois senate race. Keyes said she also wanted to highlight the struggle of gays in the closet, including a gay friend who died last week after months on the street.

During last year’s senate race, Keyes referred to gays and lesbians as “hedonistic sinners” and talked hypothetically about his own family.

“If my own daughter were a homosexual, or a lesbian, I would love my daughter, but I would tell my daughter that she was in sin,” Keyes said in August.

Phyllis Schlafley, Randall Terry, Dick Cheney and now Alan Keyes — the club is definitely growing. Either God is punishing them for some past sin by inflicting a gay child on them, or maybe having a gay child is often just a fact of life that can happen to anyone, and is certainly no shame.

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How about Ronald Reagan? Is Ron Reagan gay??? He looks good in MSNBC commercial.

February 16, 2005 @ 1:44 pm | Comment

this is hilarious, just what Keyes deserves. I’m sort of disappointed he won’t be able to run for guv of IL, it would certainly provide a lot of humor and something for me to write about. One of the best quotes of this year’s election was Keyes’ declaration that “”Christ would not vote for Barack Obama…” Well, having Jesus on his side didn’t help much, 82% of IL did vote for Obama…

February 16, 2005 @ 1:49 pm | Comment

“My daughter is an adult and she is responsible for her own actions. What she chooses to do has nothing to do with my work or political activities,” Keyes said in response to his daughter’s announcement.

It’s all about him, all the time. Being a dad takes the backseat to being a demagogue. Family values.

Also loved the part about how she’s no longer allowed to stay in the apartment that’s being used by staffers. He’d let his own daughter freeze on the streets of Chicago, but give shelter to anyone who helps him get ahead.

February 16, 2005 @ 3:03 pm | Comment

Compassionate conservatism at work….

February 16, 2005 @ 3:11 pm | Comment

BTW, she has a blog. It’s well-written and heartbreaking.

February 16, 2005 @ 3:26 pm | Comment

Wow Devi – thanks for that link! And did you see some of the freeper comments she links to??

Let me try to explain this slowly, so any liberals reading can understand it. Homosexuality is a sin. The Bible says so. The Bible is the Word of God. He makes these kinds of decisions.

That sons or daughters of prominent people — including conservative people — are homosexual does not in any way mean that homosexuality is less of a sin. God doesn’t allow for exceptions.

And the fact that certain offspring choose a sinful sexual practice does not reflect on the parents. It’s called “Free Will,” a concept that is alien to the sheep mentality that pervades liberalism, but one that God allows.

Any questions? There will be a 10-point quiz next Wednesday.

Idiot. The Bible also says it’s a sin to drink milk with meat. And if she thinks anyone out of free will decides to be gay, knowing it will subject them to shit like this and other forms of ostracization and loneliness — well, now you know why I am a dedicated liberal, always at war with the thought police on the far right who would impose their God-given morality on others, forgetting that we, too, are creatures of God.

February 16, 2005 @ 4:27 pm | Comment

JR, I always suspected Ron Reagan, but who knows? There’s always been lots of speculation about him, though he is married (famous last words).

February 16, 2005 @ 4:44 pm | Comment

Didn’t somebody once suggest that people were born hetro or homosexual, maybe its genetic? This means that either mom or pop might be in the closet. Pop certainly wouldn’t be the first Republican to be in denial about something.

After all, aren’t the biggest gay bashers usually men who are uncertain about their own sexuality who lash out at other gay men because they hate themselves.

Then again, its just fun to make jokes at the expense of the Republicans.

Does anybody know if good old George has ever had a homosexual experience?

February 17, 2005 @ 12:46 am | Comment

ACB, yes the answer is yes.

Go to the link below for evidence

February 17, 2005 @ 1:21 am | Comment

love it!

Actually, Kitty Kelley reported in her Bush family bio that George is rumored to have had a long time relationship with with a small-town mayor who I believe is now an ambassador somewhere.

It’s the hypocrisy, you know?

February 17, 2005 @ 11:55 pm | Comment

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