Ban the book-banners

Talk of banning and even burning books — in America?? By US lawmakers?? This is a topic I’ve been burning to post about, but my current revulsion toward US politics has kept me away. Read about it over at Shenzhen Ren, who expresses the situation eloquently. The day we start burning books is the day I’m outta here.

The Discussion: One Comment

When people start banning books, it is a VERY bad sign. Especially if they are about religion, history or politics.

If you can read something by an extremist, you are closer to understanding him, and you are better able to compair him and yourself. Without controversial, rascist, offensive or derogatory books, we only have half the story, and we only have the book banners word that the books are harmful.

I personally wouldn’t trust any government if they ban a book for any reason other than the glorification of drugs or violence. If a government doesn’t want you to read something political, then it is something that you should read, if only to know what “the other side” is like.

As I always say, never trust a single source. You need to know both sides of the argument even if one of them is wrong.

December 21, 2004 @ 12:52 am | Comment

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