Joseph Kahn does it again…

…with this superb and epic story of three former friends in Anhui Province who banded together to protest the abuses of their local CCP cadres. (Their story was also highlighted in the now-banned but available book, An Investigation of China’s Peasants.)

In painstaking detail Kahn tells each man’s story and how they met, and where they are today. In so doing, Kahn sheds a good deal of light on the plight of China’s rural poor and the fate that can await those who seek justice.

The Discussion: One Comment

It was excellent though I wish he would have mentioned Anhui is China’s poorest province. An examination of the hardships of rural life in Anhui is not necessarily an accurate representation of rural life all over China. Just as an expose on living conditions in the colonias of rural New Mexico would not be representative of life in all of rural America.

October 13, 2004 @ 8:16 pm | Comment

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