Bad Characters (Chinese characters, that is)

A new friend of mine here in Arizona has started a new blog , Hanzi Smatter. In his own words:

It will be dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters (hanzi) in Western culture. If you have any photographs of someone’s tattoo, t-shirt, post cards, or any kind of item with Chinese characters on it, please feel free to email them to me, and help my blog to grow.

It’s just getting started, but so far it looks great! Be sure to go there.

Update: I see Sinosplice beat me to this.

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I don’t have any pictures, but I did hear about a tatoo shop in England that pronounced in, rather good Chinese, that its patrons were ugly men, unfortunately they told the men that the tatoos contained messages about love and loylty.

I also heard about a Chinese tatoo that translated to pineapple, when the recipient thought that it was something else.

October 1, 2004 @ 9:09 pm | Comment

OT, but slightly amusing anyway:

I once met a guy who had a line of Sanskrit tattooed around his calf, about halfway between his ankle and his knee.

When I asked him what it meant, he said, “Pull socks up to here.”

October 2, 2004 @ 1:38 am | Comment

Great website …

fantastic tatoo varaa … if I ever get one, I’ll have to consider that one.

October 2, 2004 @ 7:08 am | Comment

Unfortunately the link (or the website) doesn’t seem to be working. I go there, and it says “finished downloading” but nothing shows up.

October 3, 2004 @ 3:19 am | Comment

It’s working now.

October 3, 2004 @ 9:45 am | Comment

hallo, im romanian , pls help me …… i want tatoo with my name
…..chinese tatoo, and pls translate my name in chinese.

November 2, 2004 @ 5:52 am | Comment

Would you care to translate the following into Chinese characters, if possible? I’m looking for ideas for a logo for the following name:

JJ Droppins the Pocket Dropper – It is an inside joke that I’m using for a business name. I want a logo that is kind of representative of the name but not too explicit – i.e. not spelled out all the way like the above – just representative of the actual words.

JJ Droppins

February 22, 2005 @ 8:24 am | Comment

hallo!i want to ask u if u can i want my name in chinese because i want to make a tatoo,so can u write for me and send at my email adress my name IRIS,thank

August 17, 2005 @ 10:47 am | Comment

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