Hugh Hewitt portrait stolen from museum

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This is Hugh as he tries to reconcile all the evidence proving the SBVFT lied with his efforts to showcase them as great American heroes.

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The Munch painting is too good for a guy like Hugh H.; better find a picture of a slobbering ghoulish gargoyle from one of the European Middle Ages churches.

There are so many reasons to vote Bush out of office, one being to get rid of the growing fascist mentality of the likes of Ashcroft and Ridge as it is moving down the feeding chain to local police departments and politicians.

I saw on a Website that someone talked about Revolution if Bush continues on his destructive path through our civil and constitutional rights. I want to point out that if Patriot Act II is enacted in the form first sent out to the public, any discussion of revolution could be a crime. Here is where Ashcroft comes in. He is promoting Patriot Act II and he would have the enforcement power over any alleged violations. You could expect more visits, by the CIA if it is granted domestic law enforcement powers, FBI and maybe military intelligence, to make “house calls” like the FBI did recently in Denver to talk to citizens about their plans to protest at the GOP convention. Intimidation by our government to forestall the exercise of our rights. I read also that a group of guys (3) in Missouri were also visited by the FBI, I think, and were intimidated into not going to NY for the convention. Maybe they are wusses, but the fact they were dissuaded from exercising their constitutional rights by a little visit from Bush’s agents is a hugely significant event, a start toward something like Israel walling the Palestinians into a ghetto or the Nazis forcing Jewish people and others into ghettos in Warsaw, Poland and other cities in Europe.

It is clear to me that the people in control of the GOP and Bush are playing hard ball to win this election with little or no attempt any long to cover themselves with the niceties of civil communication or even using deceptively twisted meanings of words like “compassionate conservative.” We will see more and more naked use of power as long as Bush and the GOP have it to use. They are in this for the long run, not just to get re-elected, but to change American society to god fearing (if not shunned for different beliefs), class based worker bees being whipped into shape by know nothing leaders and their henchmen. We are in for it I fear, if Bush is re-elected.

Sorry for the rant, but I am worried about our open, freedom loving classless nation and I don’t have the time to prepare this in a more thoughtful manner.

We still have the vote and we have independence of the courts (until they be turned into instruments of the state by the GOP, by actions such as the removing appellate jurisdiction, creating secret tribunals, denying the right to have a lawyer and use of indeterminate detention without charges. All of which is already occurring.)

I think Kerry’s brave efforts in Vietnam to turn into the fight and blast away is a good example of what needs to be done against Bush, his mouthpieces, his goons and verbal thugs and his moneybaggers.

It is hard ball at Bush’s choosing and it needs all our efforts to combat.

Hell knows no fury like a citizenry scorned.

August 23, 2004 @ 4:54 am | Comment

I Love This Painting. My Friend Has A HUGE One In His Room, Its So Creepy At Nigth! It’s Great.

June 22, 2005 @ 1:47 pm | Comment

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