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Kos tells us:

Just saw this on MSNBC after Bush stopped talking, take it for what it’s worth….



Also, tied on handling of Iraq.

It’ll die down over the next few weeks, then bush will get his convention bounce, and then it’s off to the debates. I don’t want to set the bar too high — that way, if bush even comes out alive some will say he “won” the debates. But in my heart of hearts, I know Kerry will eat shrub alive.

Update: Another one, conducted by Newsweek.

In a two-way trial heat between the Republican and Democratic Presidential candidates, among registered voters, Sen. John Kerry/Sen. John Edwards lead President George Bush/Vice-President Dick Cheney 52-44 percent, according to the latest Newsweek Poll. In a three- way race with the Ralph Nader/Peter Camejo ticket added, Kerry/Edwards receives 49 percent of the vote; Bush/Cheney, 42 percent and Nader/Camejo, 3 percent, the poll shows.

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Ack. I only hope that the polling translates into votes in November.

It’s sorta funny, though, since LGF is reporting the exact opposite polls 😀

August 1, 2004 @ 6:26 pm | Comment

LGF is also reporting that all Muslims are terrorists and that John Kerry is the anitchrist — so what do you expect. As I said, Bush will get his own bounce in September, then the debates should seal things. I believe bush, who literally cannot deal with the pressureof your ordinary press conference, will be smashed to bits by Kerry, a real debater and famously fast thinker. But as I also say, let’s not set the bar for bush too low. He more than held his own against Gore and he does know how to stay on-message, so we mustn’t let our guard down or presume it’s smooth sailing for kerry.

August 1, 2004 @ 7:17 pm | Comment

Yep, he’s gonna whip his ass. Just like Al Gore did.

August 1, 2004 @ 10:56 pm | Comment

I kinda liked that slogan “Re-elect Al Gore”, but it’s sadly irrelevant.

Am I the only one noticing the Iowa handicaps on the race? The lead’s about 3% as of c.o.b. Monday.

August 2, 2004 @ 5:19 pm | Comment

I thin it’s the same bounce bush will get — it’s too consolidated for anyone to have a big bounce. I predicted 4-5 poinbts; 3’s pretty good under these very tight ciorcumstances.

August 2, 2004 @ 5:31 pm | Comment

DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN. Latest CNN/Fox/Drudge/etc poll results!!!

The trouble with the polls this election is that there are people who will tell you they do not like Bush and Kerry is much more appealing – but they will vote for Bush.

August 3, 2004 @ 3:18 pm | Comment

Nevertheless, the polls show if the election were held today Kerry would win. For an incumbent president so late in the ball game, this is very bad news. And remember, swing voters always vote disproportionately for the new guy. They are undecided because they aren’t impressed with the incumbent. They will not be voting so much for Kerry as they be voting against bush. But their reasoning doesn’t matter — it’s still Kerry who stands to benefit, whether they like him or not.

August 3, 2004 @ 3:27 pm | Comment

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