So much for Iraqi sovereignty

But we all knew beforehand it was strictly for show.

Iyad Akmush Kanum, 23, learnt the limits of sovereignty on Monday when US prosecutors refused to uphold an Iraqi judges’ order acquitting him of attempted murder of coalition troops.

US prosecutors said that he was being returned to the controversial Abu Ghraib prison because under the Geneva Conventions they were not bound by Iraqi law….

Faisal Estrabadi, an Iraqi lawyer, said yesterday after the refusal to release Mr Kanum: “If the Iraqi courts have acquitted an individual he must be released. Anything else is a violation of sovereignty.”

“Iraq cannot be one large Guantánamo Bay.”

Why not, pray tell?

Via Eschaton.

The Discussion: One Comment

I notice that people living in countries under US occupation are not subject to the protection of the American Constitution.

Subject to cruel and unusual punishment
The Banning of public demonstrations
Liable to unreasonable searches
They do not have the right to bear arms

I would go on but I think this says enough.

June 29, 2004 @ 11:19 pm | Comment

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