Sean Hannity called to account

Oh, how sweet it is.

I almost threw a book at the TV set last night when Hannity insisted we had found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, just as Bush said we would. This great article walks you through his lies one by one.

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How the hell does he get away with this? has also made it their mission to hold these freaks accountable.

June 18, 2004 @ 11:28 pm | Comment

He gets away with it because the viewers at Fox eat it up and never question Hannity’s lies. He has been called on many of them, the truth has been pointed out to him, and then the next night he still repeats the same lie with a straight face. It is in no way a news network, it’s a Republican re-election tool. That one of their writers gave Fahrenheit 9/11 a good review was the first hint of objectivity I’ve ever seen there — the writer probably got fired the next day.

June 19, 2004 @ 8:24 am | Comment

These Right wing and left wing bastards need to feel what real americans out there think.

Do we want to rule the world? Hell No!
Do we have a choice on wheather or not to take action on those middel east states if we are attacked. Hell no
We must fight the basterds who foster and support Terror less we die.
But we must not forget there is a root cause
to our being a target and for situations created around the world that we find ourselves in the middle of.
Things our Goverment does outside our borders that we now nothing about.
Its time to Vote this sucker out and vote in the next one. But let’s not stop there if the new Guy can’t do any better Vote his ass out next time.
Send a message that the people of the united states will not stand by and allow the corporate interest to dictate our policies.
and that presidents and congress are accountable to the people and nothing else.

George Bush does not measure up and most probalbly neither does Kerry, But he will not have the free rein to fuck up our country because in two years he will start worrying about being re elected. Therefore he will be accountable or else.
Where the later after this election will give a good shit.

No president deserves two terms who has this kind of track record.
My measuring stick is FDR compare his record to the last 50 years worth.

These right wing assholes have had there day
and now a word of advise to those new lefties out there.

Gay marriage What People to with the justice of the peace as a state rights issue or a federal issue will not change the facts. You still won’t get Your marraige recognized in church.
So why should I care about that anyway.

Environment: We need to be responsible and
bypartisian with this issue.
Hugging trees will not get it done people

War: We need to Avoid them at all cost but when push comes to shove we gotta kick ass and the faster the better. Do it quickly and with the most serious shit we have.
less we waste our valuable resources Ig: Young people fighting barbaraian and backward in bread animals.

Religion: Don’t get me started

Freedom of the press

What has happened to you! our founding fathers would be appalled at your lack
Responsibility in printing the truth.

Nothing is impossible for those with the will to succeed.

November 1, 2004 @ 11:36 am | Comment

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