Iran poised to invade Iraq?

No, I’m not joking, though it sure sounds far-fetched:

Iran reportedly is readying troops to move into Iraq if U.S. troops pull out, leaving a security vacuum.

The Saudi daily Al-Sharq al-Awsat, monitored in Beirut, reports Iran has massed four battalions at the border.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat quoted “reliable Iraqi sources” as saying, “Iran moved part of its regular military forces towards the Iraqi border in the southern sector at a time its military intelligence agents were operating inside Iraqi territory.”

And that’s all we know for now. Maybe Chalabi really will end up running Iraq after we leave. Oh, what a mess.

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Has anybody mentioned that the most sensible thing that you could do when America invades a neigbouring country, is to modilize your own military.

I think that Iran might also be worried that it is going to be next on the invasion schedule.
Yes, they probably want to invade Iraq, but I think that this is also a message to America not to pick another fight

June 15, 2004 @ 6:48 pm | Comment

I don’t think it’s a message to America.

I think Iran really wants to carve back some piece of Iraq for itself. It’s all tribal, anyway.

June 15, 2004 @ 8:23 pm | Comment

Recent news reports seem to show Iran far more complicit in the 9/11 attacks than Iraq. More proof of this would spur popular opinion to attack Iran. Could data on Iran’s role be suppressed until the outcome of the election? Bush would not want to be known as the chump who was played into attacking the wrong country.

June 17, 2004 @ 1:17 pm | Comment

He already IS known as the chump who invaded the wrong country, at least by anyone with half a brain.

Anyway, we are stretched so thin as it is, I don’t think we can even consider yet another invasion. And unlike Iraq, Iran is stronger and its people are more patriotic.

June 17, 2004 @ 2:05 pm | Comment

It was a bad idea to interfere in the fights of the peoples of Middle East.
Look at the history of the region, and its enough to know that an outsider can not stop the violence between the kurds and the arabs, the arabs and the jews, etc. etc.
All that US did was to attract violence inside the country; in this messy situation, can Iran be the next target?It may, but it would be a very bad idea.

One can not win the battle with so many different factions, religions, etc. etc.; but, they do have something in comon: they all hate intruders!

July 11, 2004 @ 1:41 am | Comment

Manuela, I tend to agree with you. I was only complainng about how China reported the march into Baghdad.

July 11, 2004 @ 10:36 am | Comment

As the world becomes more devited ( Good & Evil) it’s just like back to the future.
You didn’t think that this was going to be over quick?
” Trillagy of Terror”

November 14, 2004 @ 9:49 pm | Comment

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