VodkaPundit on Kerry

Thought-provoking post on why everyone in politics is by necessity a scumbag.

Do I think John Kerry diddled interns? Probably – it was (and sometimes still is) a pretty common practice. Does it bother me? Eh. A little. You didn’t read any moral outrage here yesterday – what interests me is how this Whatsit will affect the primary race and the general election. So I’m not too worried about who Kerry is doing, how often he’s doing it, or what his wife thinks.

What it comes down to is, I’m sadly conditioned to believe, and expect the worst from, our politicians.

The politicians have to shoulder a lot of the blame for their bad behavior. After all, they’re the ones skirting duty, taking bribes, boinking interns, etc.

But in the larger sense, we are to blame.

The American public has demanded, and received, the kind of government that attracts the pettily corrupt. Washington is the Leviathan, collecting unimaginable amounts of money, then distributing it back to us as various goodies. To get elected, to stay elected, you have to be able to get your hand in and out of the cookie jar more often than the other guy, and while grabbing bigger cookies.

Too bad that after such a fresh perspective, the comments disintegrate into an orgy of Kerry bashing, based entirely on sketchy rumors.

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