Soldiers for the Truth

I can’t recommend strongly enough that you take a few minutes to read a startling article posted by Joseph Bosco over at Longbow Papers.

The interviewee, U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski, 43, is no ordinary peace protestor. In the Air Force for 20 years, this lifelong conservative boasts a master’s degrees from Harvard in government and zoology and is the author of two books on Saharan Africa. Her charges against the US government in general, and Dick Cheny and Donald Rumsfeld in particular, are simply devastating.

If she is to be believed — and she certainly appears to have some credibility — the propaganda machine for invading Iraq was turned on very early in the Bush administration, and simply spat out one huge lie after another to ensure the invasion took place at any cost, truth be damned. The reason? Mainly money.

Go over to Joseph’s site and check it out. She makes it abundantly clear why we had to invade Iraq at a time when Saddam was giving in to all of our demands. (How ironic, that it was Saddam’s cooperation that made it so essential to invade, and fast.) What an eye-opener — for the first time, it all made total sense.

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There was a review, long ago, like December 2002, by Robert Woodward in the NY Review of Books that pointed out that in February or March of 2000 Cheney tabled a discussion about invading Iraq at a Pentagon briefing.

Can’t find the link, but I’ll search for it some more.

February 23, 2004 @ 11:02 am | Comment

A view from Iraq

For those who like to spend so much time talking about the WMDs that every single intelligence agency on Earth thought Saddam had, a Kurdish leader gave a THE COUNCIL OF THE SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL� MADRID, FEBRUARY 7TH, 2004 ” href=”http://www.puk.o…

February 23, 2004 @ 3:07 pm | Comment

Back in July she wrote an op-ed piece about how the Bush administration has politicized foreign policy. Think Heathers with missiles.

February 23, 2004 @ 4:19 pm | Comment

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