Hong Kong dismisses China’s “scare tactics”

The Straits times today looks at how Hong Kongers are reacting to the CCP’s blustery rhetoric, which has included threats to shut down the legislature if it isn’t run by “patriots” (read “goons”). Apparently most are dismissing the prickly proclamations as meaningless scare tactics.

It’s interesting to watch as HK’s officials try to walk the nano-thin line between the fiery CCP and the feisty HK public, which has already shown its willingness to spend a holiday demonstrating in a protest March against Chinese “anti-subversion” laws.

Top government officials who tried to evade the subject have not been spared criticism.

Chief Secretary Donald Tsang, when asked last week to define patriotism, could only manage: ‘I believe we all know in our hearts what is patriotism and loving Hong Kong.’

He was criticised by the media for being unclear.

Financial Secretary Henry Tang came under attack for failing to respond when he was invited by Deputy Commerce Minister An Min to elaborate on patriotism at a meeting in Beijing on Tuesday. Mr An had said earlier that some people had deliberately distorted the principles of patriotism.

The issue is expected to simmer until the Legislative Council (Legco) elections in September.

This was signalled by Professor Xu Chongde, a mainland legal expert, who yesterday urged voters to pick patriots in the Legco polls.

He warned: ‘If they choose the wrong people, Hong Kong will suffer.

Will the people of HK be browbeaten into voting for “patriots”? Somehow, I can’t see it. So the next question is, will they really “suffer” as a consqeuence? I can’t see that, either, but then the Chinese have surprised me again and again.

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“Vote for us, or else.”

Sounds like a good slogan, sure to win over people’s hearts.

February 22, 2004 @ 9:32 pm | Comment

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