Holding Pattern

I decided to wait until after the weekend before handing in my resignation. Experience has taught me it’s always best to wait a few days before making big decisions. I want to leave on good terms, and that may force me to stay until early March, giving them time to replace me. It’s only 7 weeks away.

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Sounds like a good plan, Richard, and very gracious at that. I hope they view it that way as well and don’t ask you to clear out immediately.

At the same time, welcome home, and welcome to the world of ex- ex-pats.

January 14, 2004 @ 2:03 am | Comment

Thanks Ronin. I learned not to make big decisions based on the heat of the moment, so waiting a few days seems like the smart way to go. If I do tell them my plans and they ask me to clear out, I’d be thrilled, as my contract requires they hand me a month’s salary. No, they’ll have me stay to the very last nano-second.

January 14, 2004 @ 11:54 am | Comment

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