Anti-gay Pastor solicits sex from boy

Hypocrisy alert. (Well, it may not be hypocrisy exactly, but there’s sure a large dollup of irony here.)

WEST CHESTER, Pa — He was known to condemn homosexuality — and even used a bullhorn to preach to passers-by at colleges.

Now, a Philadelphia pastor has been convicted of trying to solicit sex from a 14-year-old boy. A jury in West Chester convicted the Rev. Craig White Wednesday.

The 40-year-old pastor is facing a minimum of three years behind bars when he’s formally sentenced. He showed no reaction as the verdict was read, and neither did his wife.

Link via Atrios.

UPDATE: Adam actually has memories of this guy from his college days and offers his reminiscences. Small world. Adam’s post confirms that the preacher is indeed a sack of shit. Post updated at 7:30 pm Singapore time.

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Ah. Now if only Fred Phelps would get caught, too.

January 18, 2004 @ 1:05 pm | Comment

phelps is a sick bastard; i’ve had the pleasure of driving by his “commune” in Topeka way too many times. problem is, somehow he’s got a bit of power/control and too much money.

January 18, 2004 @ 2:38 pm | Comment

I met this anti-gay pastor in person,

although we didn’t know him as his given name (Rev. Craig White), we called him “St. Steven.” Back in my college days, he used to preach hate messages against gay persons across the street from my dormatory at my alma…

January 18, 2004 @ 3:55 pm | Comment

He sure knows how to get media attention. Sure, he comes across as a lunatic (like he is) but he gets the cameras rolling.

January 18, 2004 @ 6:57 pm | Comment

Isn’t that the way of it though. Fundamentalist taugh to loath gays, he barks the loudest in an effort to keep the doors of his own closet shut.

My best friend since 6th grade was a hardcore Maranatha Baptist and utterly freaked about gays. The slightest gay reference would send him into hysterics. I honestly thought he was literally going to have a coronary and die during a college history class we had together when a guythat I knew was gay who was sitting in the row behind my friend leaned up and whispered softly into my best friend’s ear, “I shaved my butt hair just for you.” I can’t even describe the ungodly loud shriek that burst from my friends lips.

Well…after not seeing him for about 6 years I visited my hometown and called on him. He introduced me to his “long time companion” or whatever euphamism you prefer. Thankfully, he is much happier with himself and about himself.

As with Mrs. Hamlet, you want to watch out for those who protest too much.

January 18, 2004 @ 8:15 pm | Comment

Jeff, great post. At least he was able to finally accept it. Others have a much harder time, and even end up harming themselves and/or others.

January 18, 2004 @ 8:24 pm | Comment

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