Why we hate Bush

Check out Orcinus’ detailed and brilliant post on how it started and why it continues. Sample:

I believe the Republicans, in the Florida debacle, proved themselves so hellbent for power that they were willing to severely compromise major democratic institutions, from the credibility of the Supreme Court to the sanctity of the vote to the very real (and not imagined) principles of states’ rights. Moreover, I don’t think I’m being wild-eyed about this. I think anyone knowledgeable about the voting process and the events that took place in Florida could come reasonably to just that conclusion….

What does a genuinely patriotic centrist do when confronted with a plainly illegitimate presidency wrought through cronyism of the worst sort, which has in turn thrust upon us an incompetent, self-deluded and ideologically rigid phony, and given him the world’s most powerful position at a time of great international historical moment? “Getting over it” isn’t an option, not morally speaking. “Getting rid of him” is the only option.

As usual, David is right on the mark, with all the supporting data and examples to make his case.

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Some of the media has been noting the same thing – that if the Republicans cannot win an election, they are going to steal it.

The redistricting of Texas is example one – since the Republicans want to ensure that they win the state next election, they are redistricting to make more GOP pockets.

And, that’s what the strategy was in California. Find a Republican dupe with tons of cash – Darrell Issa – and have him fund a recall. Only that seems to have backfired on a few points.

One, the Republicans forgot a simple lesson about Gray Davis – he’s a nasty, mean bastard that’s just as sneaky and underhanded and evil as the Republicans. This recall will get dirty, because Davis plays the Republican game as well they do, if not better.

Second, the Arnold quotient. He’s not a real neocon, his wife is part of the ‘evil’ Kennedy family, and he’s splitting the Orange County vote. Plus, he’s not playing well with Dubya, supposedly cancelling his appearance with Dubya in California (the counter-point of Clinton’s stumping for Davis) because Arnold didn’t want to be associated with a president with dipping ratings, according to the NY Post this week.

The third fun thing? According to a friend in NorCal, Issa has been stumping to vote AGAINST the recall because Arnold isn’t a true conservative. You remember Issa? The dupe turned candidate turned little crying girl that dropped out of the gubernatorial race.

September 26, 2003 @ 7:59 am | Comment

Brilliant points, Jeremy. I think this has to catch up with them, this fundamental issue of simply not being nice. I’d love to see the recall blow up in their faces, even though I suspect Gray Davis is truly un-re-electable, no matter how much Republican-like blood flows through his veins….

September 26, 2003 @ 8:20 am | Comment

I feel as though I am caught in a never ending nightmare. Will the madness of this “president” never stop? He has managed to take a wonderful country, with a great standing in the world community and isolated us from them. What worries me even more is that so many Americans are living with blinders on. They refuse to see the crimes this man has committed. The sooner he is gone, the better!

November 6, 2003 @ 4:19 pm | Comment

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