Reporters Without Borders calls on China to release “cyber dissident” Li Zhi

Reporters Without Borders is calling for the immediate release of a 32-year-old “cyber dissident” who faces a 15-year prisoin sentence for his egregious crimes:

Li Zhi was arrested by state security police on 8 August at his home in Dazhou, in the southwestern province of Sichuan. The US-based organisation Human Rights in China said he had criticised the government in online forums and was thus regarded as being in touch with foreign-based opponents. Police seized his computer but provincial officials refused to say anything about the offending material….

It said he was being targeted as part of a broader government crackdown that showed once more the complete official intolerance of online freedom of expression. Government surveillance of e-mail messages and discussion forums to track down regime dissidents was unacceptable, it added.

This is a very interesting site for anyone concerned about repression of the media; I’m glad I stumbled onto it.

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