Beijing implements sensitivity training for Chinese police

A very funny article describes a new training manual designed to help police in Beijing deal with issues that might arise as foreigners converge on the city for the 2008 Olympics, and the English-language phrases cops need to know:

One section headed “How to stop illegal news coverage” has a policeman confronting a wandering reporter who tells the officer he is working on a story about the Falun Gong, the outlawed meditation group, according to the South China Morning Post.

The policeman tells him: “Falun Gong has nothing to do with the games … it’s beyond your permit.” He then criticizes the journalist for breaking Chinese law and takes him off to the Public Security Bureau to clear the matter up.

In another role play, a British woman from Hong Kong is stopped in the street and taken to the police station. When she protests: “You’re violating my human rights. I protest” the policeman responds: “No tricks. Don’t move.”

It’s still the China I know and love so well.

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You’ve got to love that.

September 11, 2003 @ 10:35 pm | Comment

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