Today’s Sinagpore Headlines (have your smelling salts handy)

Everbody’s seat belts fastened? Today’s Singapore headlines will move earth and heaven. (If you have a history of heart failure, you are advised to skip this jarring post. The Peking Duck is not responsible for health problems related to these graphic and hair-raising headlines.) Ready?

1. Sports water bottles are selling in record numbers in Singapore

2. If budget air travel grows in the region it could mean more jobs

3. Singapore companies might benefit by studying the WalMart business model

4. An early Singapore jet fighter has been restored in Australia

5. The Prime Minister will soon announce changes in the national retirement fund (CPF)

And that’s the way it is here in Singapore, where no news would be infinitely more interesting than the artificial non-news that the papers spoon-feed us each day.

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