The perfect Christmas gift! Bring ’em on.

Hilarious, wickedly funny article on why the new GWB Aviator Doll makes a perfect gift. Here’s how it starts:

Country’s in shambles and economy’s gutted and schools are shot and Iraq’s a violent bloody mess and joblessness is rampant and it’s a proud time indeed to be an American, and hence you might be asking yourself, what, pray what, can I give the hardcore lockstep pseudo-Christian homophobic Republican on my gift list?

What can you give the one who just loves bogus wars and BushCo’s lies and thinks SUVs are way bitchin’ and believes every bile-filled opinion crammed down their throats via Fox News and Hannity/Coulter/Limbaugh et al., hates them damnable gays and libs and environmentalists and has one hand over his heart while the other gropes the cat?

It only gets funnier. And I mean much funnier. The writer definitely has a streak of genius.

Via tbogg — thanks!]

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If only real life worked that way!

April 7, 2005 @ 3:42 am | Comment

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