Singapore branded as “pathetic”!

For some reason, until now, I never before made it over to Hemlock’s Diary, another HK expat site. It’s a great site, and definitely offbeat.

What caught my eye is a quasi-essay/laundry list of why Singapore is in reality “a pathetic place.” If you’re as lucky as I am and live in Singapore, this is a must-read. Even if you’re not so privileged, you’ll probably find it droll.

I was especially enchanted by his 8th reason for why Singapore is A Pathetic Place:

8. Singapore is famous for not being corrupt. It is true that if you are Lee Kuan Yew’s eldest son you can become brigadier general after just five years in the army, and six months later you can become a member of parliament, and soon after that you can become deputy prime minister. And if you are the eldest son’s wife, you can be put in charge of the state holding company (it holds key interests in 40% of the stock market by market cap). And if you’re Lee’s number-two son, you can run the main Telecoms company. But that’s not corruption, or nepotism. That’s “meritocracy”. (No, that’s pathetic.)

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