Powell on the way out?

If you have the patience to wade through her cutesy, tiresome, sing-song prose, larded with the same weary jokes she’s been spouting for years, you may find Maureen Dowd’s latest column downright shocking.

Dowd predicts with a steely confidence nothing less than the “retirement” of Colin Powell himself (along with Richard Armitage, for those who remember who he is) come Bush’s second term. If you know Dowd and her track record, you’ll know that for all the nonsense, she is extraordinarily connected and doesn’t make such pronouncements willy-nilly.

More shocking are her predictions for Powell’s replacements including the scourge of the early Clinton years, Newt Gingrich. (I really hope — I pray — that if he is nominated, someone will dig up the old interview with him and Phil Donahue in which he warns, with a totally straight face, how the US is in danger of invasion from….Nicaragua. Now, if that sort of prescience doesn’t qualify him to be SOS, what does?)

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