New Chinese “article” on “Taiwan” makes a “parody” of itself

An unwittingly self-parodying article just came out in People’s Daily in which half the phrases are put in “quotation marks” to indicate the author’s (i.e., the government’s) scoffing at the idea that there is any semblance of legitimacy to Taiwan’s “presidential elections.” Unintentionally funny. Vintage CCP.

UPDATE: Link corrected

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It looks like the article might have changed, or the link is wrong. It’s showing up for me as an article titled “China to Usher in Major Changes in Population Policies”.

To bad… I really enjoy the “articles” on Taiwan.

August 20, 2003 @ 1:41 pm | Comment

Thanks for telling me — it’s fixed. Sorry about that.

August 20, 2003 @ 1:58 pm | Comment

“President” of “Democratic” “Taiwan” Faces “Election”

Richard the Peking Duck notes this unintentionally hilarious piece in the CCP’s People’s Daily. Note the adundant use of “scare

August 20, 2003 @ 2:08 pm | Comment


If you haven’t seen this sort of article before, it’s quite entertaining. Whenever mainland newspapers talk about anything related to Taiwan’s “government”, they put it in quotes. Thanks to The Peking Duck for the link, and for pointing out how…

August 20, 2003 @ 3:10 pm | Comment

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