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Another new find today, this blog is as opinionated about Korea as I am about that big country up north. I particularly enjoyed his outspoken analysis of a CNN report on China’s out-of-the-blue criticism of the DPRK’s constant preparations for war and sudden urging for a kinder, gentler Pyongyang. One of his conclusions:

The fact that party sources are feeding this to western media 2 days before the talks start is a pretty clear signal that they’re attempting to deflect any (American) criticism of indifference. They obviously want it well-known that they’re on the right side of the table and are working hard to give themselves a “well, we did our best” response when the talks are stuck in neutral.

The entire post is too long to quote, but I strongly recommend it to those cynical about sudden fits of altruism from Communist dictators. Much of it is quite hilarious.

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Thanks for the mention and the link as well…they’re both much appreciated. I just started with my blog a couple months ago, so I’m only now getting around to checking out all the great China blogs out there.


August 27, 2003 @ 10:10 am | Comment

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