Bush Haters — the latest meme

Another great post by Orcinus today on how Republicans are rewriting history a la 1984 with their use of the latest meme, “Bush Haters.” As usual, David digs deep into what the Republican spinmeisters really said about Clinton, and proves that there is no comparison between the Clinton Haters and today’s so-called Bush Haters. Quite the contrary.

The Bush Haters meme is now all over the media, the latest attempt by Republicans to use languaging to convey what they want . They really have honed it to a fine art, and the way they all sing from the same songbook with no dissonance and no beat skipped is something I look at with a true sense of wonder. Until the Democrats learn how to jam the air waves with their own tunes and drown out those on the right, I’m afraid the Republicans will continue to win in the all-important area of messaging.

Sorry for overdoing the songbook metaphor.

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