Exceptionally well-written and evocative post over at Daily Koz, that really brought a lump to my throat. While I may not agree with him on all issues, I do agree that the willingness with which the president’s men smear and ruin anyone who stands in their way has been unforgivable, and ultimately these sins will catch up with him.

A brief sample:

There are 20 year olds with prosthetic legs who aren’t getting past anything about Iraq. Its altered their lives permenently. If you ask for sacrifice, the reasons at least need to be sound. But with each passing day, you don’t get accountability from the White House, but the nastiest slurs and innuendo. Joe Wilson’s wife is exposed as a CIA officer, ABC reporter Jeffrey Koffman is smeared as a gay Canadian on Drudge, despite the fact that he did a big interview with the nation’s leading gay magazine, the Advocate.

Here’s a simple question for the White House political staff: do you think your smears hold the same power as the story of a young officer who’s lost both his limbs and is seeking to recover his life?

There’s much more. For the best analysis of the smearing, check this much-cited post by pro-Iraq war blogger Mark Kleiman. Brilliant and scholarly, as usual.

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