Bad timing

It’s almost funny, that on the very day I received that warning from the US embassy on increased threats of terrorism, the US government announces it will be cutting back on air marshalls on many flights. This represents a major disconnect.

You simply have to ask, “What were they thinking?” Grist for the Democrats’ mills.

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The air marshalls have been rescheduled.

This has been a strange week for the administration. Now we’re talking about banning gay marriages and betting on terrorists activities, and then killing that last one, and the press conference went from one topic to another haphazardly.

And to top it all off, Bush takes personal responsibility, which is great. I mean, finally. The question is now, for what?

July 30, 2003 @ 6:30 pm | Comment

By taking personal responsibility by Bush will actually weaken the democratic (liberal?) ‘agenda,’ as it will give Bush the moral highground. We opened this door with Clinton when we ignored his philandering after the scandal broke–now we have to walk through it with ‘cakegate.’ Really, it was better when Bush didn’t have any integrity as a lying, image conscious dunderhead without integrity.

July 31, 2003 @ 2:10 am | Comment

The only democratic agenda that will be weakened will the be one that the democrats let the Republicans dominate. It strikes me as silly when some liberals see joy in good news. I’m not saying this about you Kit, really, but I have noticed a trend among democrats for example the killing of saddam’s sons where they are like “oh i wish they were still alive just so Bush could boil.” That kind of stuff is just silly.

Anyway, there are still a lot of questions to be answered about the cakegate thing. Although I think it would be bad politics for the democrats to focus on it, nonetheless the media will have a lot more to say about this in the next few days.

July 31, 2003 @ 2:53 am | Comment

It’s true; I think I do allow for my personal politics to overshadow many other aspects of my life–I was talking to someone recently about the deepening political divide, and he (a liberal democrat) said about the republicans: ‘it’s like they’re republicans first and americans second.’ This sentiment was echoed in the founding of the Counter-Clinton Library, which represents to me a prime example of republican divisiveness. But, as my previous comment proves, we democrats are not immune to that either.

I suppose that this comment is my way of saying ‘sorry, I was a pig-headed fool.’ All hope is not lost, however; as you say, the media will have a lot to say about ‘cakegate’ in the future.

July 31, 2003 @ 3:27 am | Comment

What I want the media to focus on is not only the 16 words, but the highy questionable tactics the Bush team used to disgrace those who they felt talked too freely to the press about it. The silence on the CIA agent’s outing has been extraordinary.

July 31, 2003 @ 3:59 am | Comment

Richard – yup – Bush isn’t for marriage. I prefer the old Clinton administration. The bastard is a chip of the shity old Bush. Someone get him off the US government. Gawd – americans really know how to choose their leaders.

On warnings – well, richard, you know to look for – I’ll hide you under my bed if you need help 😛 The terrorists won’t find ya there 😛

July 31, 2003 @ 10:02 am | Comment

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