Morning again in America?

Nearly choking with euphoria, Sullivan lauds yesterday’s monumental Supreme Court decision:

It would be hard to find a more emphatic statement that gay men and women are a) human beings whose private lives deserve privacy and b) citizens who deserve the same treatment as everyone else under the law….each day now, I can feel freedom dawning in this land again. The struggle of so many for so long is beginning to come true. What a privilege, what a joy, to be alive to witness it.

Before he gets too excited, someone should remind him that Ashcroft is still attorney general, and our president has consistently appointed morality maniacs to to head his commissions. It is a great day, but are we out of the woods yet? It will be interesting to see how the far-righters, to whom Bush is beholden, react to the ruling and what Bush will do when put under pressure to comment.

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