3-year-old girl dies as Chinese police fuck up yet again

Your tax dollars at work:

People across China have expressed outrage over the death of a three-year-old girl who was starved to death after police arrested her mother and left her locked at home with no food for 18 days, the country’s state press reported on Thursday.

Read it for yourself, and don’t miss the last paragraph. And to those of you who joyously point to the fact that the state news reported this, read about how they first blamed the mother’s “negligence.”

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Firstly i am outraged as usual, and many of these things happens in china, not only in china, being a student that is studying in the US (seattle) (but now in beijing for 1 semster) i find your site to be very interesting and at the same time very disturbing. Well i am a chinese from hong kong.

since you dont have a guess book, i may well just express my opinion on your blog here, sorry if this lead to another topic.

Firstly i really the design, looks great, i like the your site very much, but i as a chinese, i would loose all interest in participating in your blog. The extreme biases on your site is pathethic, i like many of your critisims on china now, at the same time all i see in this blog is critizims, critizms, etc etc, etc. Where are the compliments? are you telling me that there is no improvements in china? All i read in this blog, is awhole bnuch of people they may care ablot about china but at the same time, i find some to have hidden grudges against us, espically that belleuve dude, making a comment saying that 50% of us are actually following neo nazi’s idealogy, or something like that? Thats insulting.

lets use this as an example, the chinese fucked up again, why dont i see a page decidcated to the chinese police save the life of a protestor in shenzhen a few last year? It was about a chinese police loosing his life to he can save a protestor refusing the leave the train tracks, when the train is charging towards them? another one, not long a ago, a female police chief passed away somewhere in henan or hubei, and local residents went out to attend her funeral. why? Simply because she was great, she used herself as a target to catch a serial rapists, she refused to take bribes, she helps the lower and abused class in her area. Seriosuily it seems you decdicate it to 100% negative side of CHINA, and spend 2% of them acknowedging the improvements of this nation.

I dont know many of you make it sound so easy to fun a nation, of 1.3 billion, that went through the CR and the Great Leap backward, not to forget the horrendous GOF. Its easy for many of you to critise, but how much do you people really know (i am not claiming that i know everything) the whole story, sure i agree many of the things China is doing like blocking BBC news is really stupid, and i agree, they shouldnt do that, there is no reason to this.

Lets start with the CR, during the start of the CR, many high communist party officials, saw the disaster that its going to bring, and urged Mao to stop it, many of them did not end with good faith, and kept their stand despite knowing whats going to happen if they stand in maos way. But i dont know why there are too many people that only concentrate on the bad, and never conentrate on the good. (not the CR but the CCP). People always blame the CCP about the CR and the Great leap backward, they just choose to ignore those who actually fought against the CR.

To be honest i think alot of you will be bad managers. Since i am studing management, from the book and the experiece from my professors, i remember they said that you can’t just always critise, there are times when you see improvements, you should give compliments.

To bring something new to all of you, this very second the CCP is still not that stable, there are many fractions. J gang, the Deng gang (the ones in control of china now) the conservative maoist.

Lets just go back to 1989, the crackdown was sad and depressing, and i believed that it could’ve been handled alot better (atleast no killins). Here is something to new to some of you, during that time (1989) the CCP itself its pretty split, maoist, and ppl backing deng. ( i read this on a book, from a political analyst in Hong Kong) according to her (sorry i cant really remeber her name since it was quite long ago) if deng didnt take an aggressive action that time, CHina could be like North Korea now, and many more will die, not just in beijing. Why? Simply because of a power struggle between the maoist, and the Deng’s. If Deng shows any weakness, the maoist can simply just say that deng is incompetent of ruling CHINA, and the maoist might get back to power, something similiar to the CR could be brought back to CHINA. Instead of opening up (to many of you it too slow, but i am quite satisfy with the current speed) we could have our doors shut again. What i mean about more killins, could be sending more armies to kill other protestors in other cities, etc. Look Richard i know you are really sensitive in this issue, hope you dont get the wrong impression, i am not justifying anything here, i am just simply giving more things for you ppl to think about.

As for the J gang its the Jiang gang, face it Jiang its a petty bastard, who ever has power he jumps to that side, he wouldnt accomplished without the egineer of china. (deng) and one of my most favorable person zhu rong ji. Why jiang is a bastard, firstly he spit out some the 3 dai biao luen” (sorry dont know the eng term) which is basically repharasing some of dengs point, i personally fiind that his greed to have a his name in history books. Secondly he hires his family to work at high level jobs, and we all know what that means. LAstly although last november he just handed back the seat of the military to HU, but face it, most of those generals are still his running dogs. Hu in my opinion is a far more peaceful leader than jiang, but hu finally taking back the military still worries me, since there are many ppl have pointed out many of the PLA generals are Jiangs running dogs, jiang in my opinion is trigger happy. Watching the people congress meeting on TV for the last few times, i find that Hu is doing a lot in his speech to please Jiang in a way. So you see, the CCP itself its very fragile, lets just say the CCP broke up, power stugge turns agressive, and the fact is that it wont benefit china at all.
MY opinion on my govt, is that my leaders are not bad PPl, they are doing the very best to make china a better place and our lives better, but the problem is that there are too many ROTTEN APPLES in our gov’t at the same time, espically in poorer areas where its harder to maintain an eye on, and the fact is that, nomatter how good the leader is, as long as the ppl behind him/her are greedy, selfish dirty ppl, it will bring them as a whole to shame. Jiang is still definetely a threat IMO.

Last but not least, i realise alot of you like use the term propoganda, well since i have encounter both education system, all i can say is that western text books have their fair share of propoganda. But for some reason i know its going to be hard to get through your minds, since so many here, are too self centered to their own logic, and giving my the creeps, that they seems to know everything.

anyway these are what i like to say, maybe if you are going back to Beijing before aug, we can have drink together, after that i am on way for my 3rd year of college, not sure whehter should i go back to seattle or go to toronto instead. studying in the US as a foreigner, cost a bloody lot, and i have been hearing from american students themselves, saying that canadian universities actually offer better programs than most in the US. Maybe you could give me some opinion.

oh yeah, take my advice, you can take any airline in china, just DONT DONT i repeat DONT take CHINA EASTERN AIR.

March 27, 2005 @ 8:54 am | Comment

This post is two years old. My attitude toward China has evolved, though I remain sharply critical of the CCP when it comes to issues such as censorship, repression, corruption and two-facedness. I am equally crcritical of my own government; I don’t play favorites. To see a more recent post that better sums up my attitudes toward China please see this post, which I feel best states my position.

Unfortunately I don’t know anything about Canadian universites and I suspect I won’t be heading back to China anytime soon, as I just got back from a two-week trip over there. But Please stay in touch, and see some of my more recent posts about China, not only those written in the post-SARS period, when my rage with the CCP was at its peak.

When they do things right I try to give them credit, but I am generally and unashamedly critical of them, as I am of Bush. Therre are lots of other sites that praise their virtues; I’m more disturbed by their injustices, broken promises of megalomaniacal grip on power — all things that I despise in any government.

March 27, 2005 @ 11:06 am | Comment

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