The Peking Duck Flies South

Tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. (groan) I head to the airport to fly to my new home. Yes, I’m nervous and excited as hell, but mostly excited.

I’ve been travelling with JC, my best friend, for more than three weeks now and saying goodbye tomorrow morning will not be easy. That’s something I definitely do not look forward to. I’m trying to convince him to work in Asia, but am not overly optimistic that he’ll go for that. We are true opposites in this way: I love uprooting every now and then and experiencing new cultures, new jobs, new everything. JC thrives on stability and continuity. Maybe we balance one another; all I know is that after three weeks I don’t want to say goodbye.

After a full month of only sporadic and rushed attention to my blog, I intend once again to get real serious about it next week. Thanks to those of you who’ve kept visiting despite the slowdown of the past few weeks.

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