When Sullivan’s Good….

….he can be the best. Extremely thought-provoking and disturbing musings on the fate of the earth now that crummy little rogue states that are totally broke (like, say, Iraq or North Korea) can acquire or make nuclear weapons fairly easily and wreak havoc on unprecedented scales.

Just a sample:

Europeans simply don’t believe that we’re living in a radically more dangerous and unstable world. Or they think that mild measures can temporarily solve the problem — like porous and largely inneffective inspection regimes in Iraq. So we are at a deadlock. And if we cannot get consensus on Iraq — with umpteen U.N. resolutions and the precedent of a previous unprovoked war — what hope is there of getting consensus if Iran’s mullahs go nuclear? Or North Korea’s nut-case gets several nukes? Or someone else out there we have yet to hear from decides to go to heaven via a suitcase nuke in L.A.?

A DISMAL THOUGHT: I’m left with the conclusion that we will only get such a consensus in favor of pre-emption after the destruction of a major Western city, or a chemical or biological catastrophe.

I guess you can’t get much grimmer than that. It’s especially interesting for its brooding, almost reticent tone, as though he’s resigned himself to the fact that his drum-beating failed to move earth and heaven. Let’s see how long it lasts….

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