Shooting the Messenger

Responding to my earlier post on King-of-the-World Bush’s sociopathic tendencies (not my words, mind you), Conrad over at The Gweilo Diaries seems to protest too much.

Conrad writes, “Richard the Peking Duck, diagnoses that serious disorder [Bush’s malapropisms] as a sociopathic personality and inability to feel empathy.” And you say you’re a lawyer?! Go back and you’ll see that I never made any claims at all. I merely quoted from an article I encountered as I sought to bring light and knowledge into the minds of my readers. (All four of them.)

Later Conrad redeems himself and gets it right on target: “I offer a diagnoses [sic] and prescription of my own to my good friend Richard — you appear a bit overwrought. Relax. Have a drink, have several, have several more. Then go get laid.” Trust me, living in China is not a relaxing experience, and this past week may have been the most un-relaxed of my past 7 months here. As for getting laid, forget it — there’s nothing about getting laid in my job contract, and all I ever do in China is work. More on this later; I have to get back to work.

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