Quote of the day on Iraq

Stolen word for word from Talking Points Memo:

(Marshall begins by providing the following quote)
What [the Iraqis have] got going for them is that our maladroitness politically and diplomatically has put us in a real bind. There is no doubt in my mind that Saddam Hussein is an unpopular guy in Iraq, but he’s running against George Bush. If you’re an Iraqi, you’ve gotta decide who you’re going to vote for here….

I hate it when military plans are made with optimistic assumptions of that kind. I never made a plan that relied on the courage of my own troops. You hope that — and they generally will — fight bravely. Your plan ought to be predicated on more realistic assumptions.

And if we sent the 3rd Infantry up there naked, by themselves, because somebody assessed that they’d be throwing bouquets at us, that’s the worst thing you could say about political leadership, is that they made optimistic assumptions about warfare.

After presenting this quote, Marshall asks, “Michael Moore? Dan Rather? Phil Donohue? Nope. General Merrill A. McPeak, former Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force 1990-94, from an interview which appeared in the Thursday edition of the Oregonian.”

Of course, McPeak served two of his years as USAF Chief of Staff under Clinton, so get ready for the neo-cons to blame his attitude on the prince of darkness who brought death into this world and all our woes, and who obviously must have brainwashed his generals….

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