Orcinus for President

I cannot say strongly enough how urgent it is that you stop what you are doing, right now, and check out what Orcinus has to say about how the conservative media operate.

Ever wonder how they get away with their lies and slander? Ever wonder how their nutty assertions manage to creep into the mainstream conservative mindset? (Remember how Clinton had Vince Foster murdered?) Orcinus reveals it, in all its ugliness, picking apart the media icons — Limbaugh, Coulter, Savage, The Wall Street Journal’s evil editorial page — explaining how they work and how they manage to protect one another and excuse one another for excesses that have no right being excused.

Orcinus’ blog is what a great blog should be — beautifully written, full of great links and always intriguing. I just want to know how he finds the time to do it. This series definitely deserves an award. Now get over there.
[Updated 5:38 p.m. China time]

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