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[Looking back at the paragraphs I just wrote below, I realize I run the risk of sounding preachy and self-righteous and biased. Well, no one’s perfect.]

Precious few things in life get me more apoplectic than the crucifixion of our last publicly elected president. For all his moral frailties, Bill Clinton certainly emerged from “the scandal” as a nobler man than the mad dogs chasing him. And still they chase. Watching what the media do to him daily makes me literally sick. He caused 911. He appeased Saddam Hussein and forced us to invade. He appeased Castro (by letting a little boy return to his father). He set us up for recession. If you can think of a problem, of something wrong, someone out there is blaming Bill Clinton for it.

This is a phenomenon I have wondered about for years and years. The sheer audacity of the Clinton bashers, the breathtaking heights of hypocrisy that they reach — isn’t anyone going to call them to task for it? Am I the only one whom it makes sick?

Apparently I’m not. Leave it to the smartest blogger alive to delve into these issues with a meticulous and merciless precision, shattering myths and holding up a well-lighted mirror to the sins of those who would stop at nothing to smear the president’s name. These are the men who are in power right now, and it scares me to watch them steer America ever rightward under the cloak of “patriotism.”

I know, I’m being redundant, but Orcinus’ surgical approach to exposing the hypocrisies of the right should be required reading. (Sorry if I so often sound like a paid advertisement, but his herculean research and brilliant conclusions on the Patriot movement and its broader, darker implications simply boggle the mind. Thanks.)

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Realy good site!

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