Time, ignoring my pleas, is

Time, ignoring my pleas, is marching on and I have only a few hours left in Bangkok. I suspect that as soon as I step off the plane tonight in Beijing, Time will suddenly pay attention and go into slooooow moooootion. Why does it always seem to work like that?

All of my initial observations on the Thais and their approach to life stand intact. I will deeply miss the smiles, the courtesy, the irrepressible ability to display a love of life even under the most difficult of circumstances. I will also deeply miss the weather, which has been absolutely perfect from the instant I arrived. And I’ll miss the massages, outlandishly cheap and remarkably good. It’s a really sad time for me, and it raises many questions.

I’ll get back into my regular blogging mode once I’m settled back “home” in Beijing. For now, I just want to savor the last moments of one of the happiest trips I’ve ever taken.

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