Say it isn’t so! The

Say it isn’t so! The Big Bad Blog Blackout Barrels Bleakly Back

I’ve just tried logging onto three separate blogspot sites, including my own, and guess what? Yes, that most dreaded of all screens popped up each time, “Cannot find server….The page cannot be displayed.” We are back on the seesaw, with The Powers That Be blocking, then unblocking, our sites in China. At first it was chilling, then infuriating, then frustrating. Now it’s just….boring. What’s the point? I mean, do they believe this stops us from communicating, do they think we won’t look elsewhere, do they think they can stop a flood with a thimble? Hu knows? I just wish they’d take all the energy they expend imposing these blockades and use it to make CCTV just a tiny bit less tedious. (There’s actually only one program I’ve found on CCTV that’s really worth watching, and that’s their show for learning Mandarin. So when do they put it on? Midnight and 6am.)

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