Peggy Noonan gushes over Bush. Again.

Do we really need yet another breathless “analysis” from Peggy Noonan of why Americans love George W. Bush? Has anyone chronicled how many of these puff pieces she has churned out, each one eerily reminiscent of the last with some added nuance? Now it’s his uncomplicatedness. It simply astounds me to see the sheer volume of Wall Street Journal columns and editorials banging on this worn-out drum. The similarity between these odes makes one wonder whether they are being manufactured by computer — how else could they be so formulaic? Each starts by posing the question (based on a huge and untested assumption) of why Bush is enjoying such a great love affair with “the American people.” They then write lovingly of his attributes while minimizing his inadequacies — often, in fact, turning these faults into attributes. (Note how Noonan right away admits he started off “wobbly” but that’s actually a good thing; after all, us average Americans, we’re all kinda wobbly in new situations. It’s just them slick democrats who show up all polished and slick and profesional-like. Know what ah mean?) Needless to say, they all stress how wholesome and good the Bush White House is compared to its slimy predecessors. It’s columns by numbers (as in, when we were kids and did Paint by Numbers).

It’s not that Noonan doesn’t have some valuable insights, as usual, and her writing style is certainly to be envied. It’s just that the Chinese water torture approach adopted by virtually all the WSJ pundits, not to mention Andrew Sullivan and Mickey Kauss, could use an overhaul. I’ll let it rest because I could go on at lengths horrific to contemplate. Last word: for those seeking a more well-rounded portrait of our 43rd president, a good place to start is here.

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