Earth to Sullivan, Earth to

Earth to Sullivan, Earth to Sullivan: Please Come Back

Andrew, can’t you tone it down just a little bit? Sullivan is having multiple orgasms over Bush’s SOTU speech (which needless to say was not broadcast over here in the People’s Republic) and one can only wonder how he manages to control his paroxysms of ecstasy.

Actually, he scarcely can control them, as he himself admits as he begins his gushing tribute: “I’ve been thinking in the few minutes before I sat down to write how to temper my admiration for the speech I just heard.” Andrew, maybe this will help: Think about the evil right-wing religious nutcases the object of your drooling jubilation has recently appointed/nominated to commissions and courts. That should certainly bring you down a notch or two. Not enough to cool your burning enthusiasm? Then go here to read about His Majesty’s latest appointment. Here’s a sample:

“Following quickly on the heels of its effort to appoint a hateful anti-gay bigot to its commission on HIV and AIDS, the White House has announced George W. Bush’s intention to add a notorious crackpot doctor to the Food and Drug Administration’s long-dormant Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee.”

“Dr. W. David Hager is a barely-credentialed proclaimed “pro-life” obstetrician/gynecologist who refuses to prescribe contraceptives to unmarried women. He believes that unmarried women who engage in sexual intercourse should be compelled to quite likely to become pregnant against their will — and then be forced to give birth.”

Andrew, you’ve got to deal with this sort of thing, just like you have to deal with the upsetting fact that the Catholic Church you so love and revere and to which you have given so much of your life wants to see you made a persona non grata, ineligible for the priesthood, relegated almost to criminal status. I know you are flying high right now, intoxicated with the warm and fuzzy words of our leader, but someone as smart as you has to come back down to earth.

Last comment: Sullivan should also read this, a somewhat different — and far more rational — take on last night’s speech from America’s smartest columnist.

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