Andrew Sullivan’s Bizarre Blindspots Sigh.

Sigh. Andrew Sullivan still doesn’t get it. Today he asks, incredulously, “What on earth is a gay-hating, Bob Jones University alum doing on the presidential commission on AIDS?” Andrew, why on earth is a brilliant man like yourself at all surprised to see this? It is wholly consistent with Bush’s kowtowing to the religious right and should surprise no one, least of all you. Gay-hating, Bob Jones University types is what the administration is to a large extent about, but you don’t want to see that.

So there it is, a matter of fact: Bush has appointed “a gay-hating Bob Jones U. alum” to his commission on AIDS. A man who equates you and others like you with bestiality and sodomizing children. And Bush knows this. And still he apppoints him. To a commission on AIDS, no less. Can you now continue with your hero worship of the president? Does this give you no insight at all into why so many members of your community see Bush as, at best, a misguided and foolish man and, at worst, a truly dangerous one? I’ve said before that I’m just waiting for you to come around. Isn’t it time? Right now?

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