Homeward bound

I am carrying my plane ticket in my suit pocket every day, I am so excited about going home and seeing those I love. My father is actually turning 76 in February, and my mother will be 72 (if I remember right). It is painful to be away from them for so long. After Stephen died and I became “the oldest son,” I felt a greater obligation to be there for them, and then, so soon, I had to leave for Asia. I am kind of amazed that my mother adapted to email; my father won’t go near the computer.

I did my first freelance assignment today, two brochures on the dreariest subject possible. The pay is ok, and I’m going to put it in my HK account just in case China collapses sometime soon. Today I have a half-day training session and wonder how I am going to get my three proposals written in 4 hours. But somehow it always gets done.

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Coaxing a woman into letting you eat her indigestion can be a tricky obsticle. Many women find the idea ‘repulsive’ or ‘rude’. While man women will say this, not many will actually mean it. After the initial idea is planted into the womans mind the seed will germinate into itrigue. Do not press the issue with her even if your loins are ready to explode with desire, ideas can take time to properly intrigue the unexperienced.

After the time has come, its important to pick the right meal in order to induce the proper consistancy and thickness that will bring you maximal arousal. While many men prefer to use laxatives as a means to ensure victory, I’ve found the best foods are the spicey foods. Anything from jalapenios to stuffed bell peppers with meat loaf can do the trick. But the body is nothing without the mind. The woman must be excited also. Not just normally excited as she’s about to explore a whole new aspect of her sexuality, but excitement that will cause her bowels to not properly extract the nutrients in order to create the kind of indigestion you desire.

Once shes ready, there are many positions which can attain you maximum joy from this experience. I personally love having the woman hunch over my face, a good few feet from it. My mouth will open with excitement. Most times, I am teased with a few ‘puffs’ of gas that are excreted from the anus. This gives my nostrils time to partake of the elegant feast which I am about to partake from. As the first fertile drops of her waste are excreted lovingly into my mouth, my erection is completely at a free stand, but not from her naked body, but from the thought of having a second chance at her meal.

You must be careful, if her food was too spicey the acids are sometimes not properly treated by the body. This type of diarrhea can often times burn your eyes or other openings. Try to use chap stick as chapped lips can be discomforting with certain types of shit. The most notable foley I encountered was with a young woman who had eaten a jalapenio pizza a few hours ealier. Thick globs of undigested vegetable matter spattered my mouth and eyes. As I fiercly stroked my member to climax while her waste enveloped my face and poured into my mouth, I instantly felt a painful sensation around my nostrils and in my lips. To my surprise, her waste was actually hurting me instead of making me excited. My member quickly became flacid and we had to wait til the next day to resume our poo-poo play.

I hope this guide has helped all of you, and remember, poo-time is not for everyone. And the only good man, is the man that swallows!

March 9, 2004 @ 9:57 pm | Comment

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